Tuesday, February 7

just lovin' life

I didn't want to leave you all with my sad post for too long...because I didn't stay there! If you know me, you know that I cried, but then I got out of the shower, got on with life and tried to figure out how to not make days like that happen to me ever again! (one of the first things I did was put my twin stroller in the car and am now taking that with me when I go to the gym so that I can carry my son) ;) 
 Part of having 4 little kiddos is just re-arranging my expectations...sometimes I just expect to accomplish too much and then I get frustrated, but when I can keep my expectations in check life seems to run so much more smoothly! I just have to be ok with the fact that it takes me all day to accomplish things that a normal mom could get done in a 1/2 hour and I have to just learn to sit back and enjoy all 4 of these adorable kids! :)
 Instead of teaching my kids great and wonderfully grand things- we've been focusing a lot more on "family" and getting along with your siblings and simple things like being gentle and loving towards one another! One thing that I found from a mom of two sets of twins was to give your older kids a "buddy" and have each one of them take the lead with a younger one (she said it really helped when they got a little bigger and were running all over the place and you needed a little bit of peace)! The greatest thing is that I don't even have to ask my kids to "pick" a buddy- they already did! Jackson has always loved to hold his "may-may" and was the one to give her her nickname...
and Hailey loves her "ellie-belle" and was the one to give her her nickname! 
 (and apparently the feelings are mutual...hehehe) ;) 
I think this picture is Maelle wondering why no one puts her in bed...I can't believe that I finally have a kid that falls asleep wherever and whenever! I totally LOVE it!! :) 
 After I put the babies down for their nap I came back to find this...
I don't know how I can stop from smiling all day, 'cause these kiddos just keep doing the funniest stuff all day! I'm pretty sure they are trying to make it their "job" to keep me on my toes and keep me laughing for the rest of my life! :) 
Have a great Tuesday!! 

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