Wednesday, February 15

Happy Valentine's Day!

when I was younger I hated Valentine's day because it was the holiday so close to my birthday and I felt like it took away my "thunder", but today I LOVE it. It got to be so much fun when I got married and could make a big deal about stuff, but since I had kids it's gotten even more fun and exciting. 
Yesterday we took cookies and a valentine's day card to the two ladies that watch the kiddos at the gym- I figure it's never bad to suck up to people who watch your kids! :)
 Hailey helped me pick out a Valentine's day present for her and Jackson...go figure it was pink and had a kitty on it! :) Good thing Jack didn't seem to mind! 

 we had heart shaped cinnamon rolls for's so much more fun to eat something that's made into a heart shape, isn't it?! 
 I wish I were a kid and could stuff my face and still look super adorable :)

happy valentine's day from my two naked kiddos :)

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