Monday, February 27

3 months

Maysen and Maelle are 3 months old! I just feel like the months are flying by and they are growing up so incredibly fast!! 
 Maelle is just the most smiley of babies. She's kind of like her big sister, Hailey, she's always either happy or sad- there's not a whole lot of in between with her! She's even started giggling and she coos all the time at her Daddy or Hailey- whichever one happens to be talking to her.  
These two girlies are just so sweet and so special to our family. They are the best babies and I feel so privileged and so "lucky" to be blessed with babies that aren't colicky or crabby and like to snuggle together and sleep! I don't know if its because they're twins or not, but they do a great job of settling themselves down and falling asleep without needing to be rocked and for that I am so grateful. I do enjoy the times that they need extra snuggles and sometimes its nice when one of them has a little "crabby" day, because then I get a chance to hold her and play with her a little more, but on a regular day it makes life so much easier that I can just put them in bed and they fall asleep on their own!  
 little Maysen is quite a ham these days- she really enjoys just checking things out and sticking her tongue out at us all! I took her out and about with me the other day and she was so good, as long as she could see all the people and watch what was going on. 
I just love how they like to snuggle together. It seems like if either of them is a little crabby all we have to do is put them close and they just settle right in and get all cozy with each other. In fact, I put them on the couch together the other day and they were head to feet and they were kicking each other in the head and sucking on each others' toes and neither one seemed to mind one bit.  
 3 months of my little girlies lives have come and gone and it seems almost like an entire lifetime has passed. I can't believe that just 3 short months ago I was still in the hospital with them and we were trying to work on getting them to eat and breath well enough to go they want to nurse all the time! :) I'm so enjoying the girls as they're getting bigger and more and more on a schedule. I feel like I can basically predict how my day will go and the girls are so good at sleeping through the night, now, that they've even been doing 9pm-6am for the past 5 days!! woohoo- one step closer to 7pm and Korey and I having our evenings to ourselves, again!
I thank God so much for these precious girls and I feel so blessed and so incredibly special to be given these two little ones to enjoy and watch grow up! 

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