Tuesday, December 6

playing with the babies...

Last night the girls were having a little bit of "awake time" so their aunty fysh took advantage of it and snapped a few fun pictures!

aren't they adorable??

Maysen was being a little more photogenic than Maelle, so she got a few individual photos...Maelle just wanted to be held or snuggled close to her sister- she wanted nothing to do with photos of just her! :)

I just can't get over how adorable these two are...I know I'm slightly biased, but twins are pretty fun to take pictures of!

apparently Maysen was a little hungry, 'cause she kept trying to eat Maelle's head!

our neighbor knit them these adorable little apple and plum hats and I'm just so impressed with her ability! I love creative people! :)

and, I love when they share their creations with my kiddos!

Happy Tuesday :)

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  1. The girls are sooo beautiful Jenni! Also, I love the apple and plum hats!! What a cute idea! :)