Saturday, December 3

family fun

Last night Hailey and Jackson came back from their grandparent's house and it was amazing to be together as a family of 6! We took advantage of my mom and dad being there and had them take a picture.

this one is by far my favorite...we were all laughing so hard

this morning Daddy and Hailey and Jack had some fun playing!

since you've been inundated with pictures of the twins, here's one cute one of our little boy! :) I think this is indicative of his life!

Thank you for praying for our family- we are doing wonderful and honestly just loving having our girls here...and, I'm LOVING not being pregnant anymore! :) I was finally able to "take back my house" and do the stuff that I've missed and that Korey had to take over so that I could grow our little girls and we are both extremely happy about that!

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  1. Awesome family pic Jen, and what a beautiful family. How great to be together and loving every minute. Enjoy!! :)
    Love, Amanda