Friday, December 9

2 weeks old!

My baby girls are 2 weeks old today...and I honestly can hardly believe it. Where did the time go?? I have no idea, but here are some cute pictures of my sweet princesses! Enjoy!!

I really thought that having twins would mean that I never get to snuggle with one baby at a time...little did I know that snuggling with two sweet girls at one time was even better than just one!
2 week photo shoot with Aunty Fysh...

I absolutely love all my girls! I'm so happy to be a mom to 3 sweet princesses and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Hailey is in love with her sisters! This evening Maysen was awake and Hailey said, "momma- let's play with the baby- you tickle her and Hailey will sing to her" ;)

"best friends in the making"

I pray that my girls will grow up and love each other and "need" each other as much as they do now!

the day before these girls were born Korey and I were so nervous about how we would handle life with twins and, honestly, one of the last things I said to the doctor before I pushed out Maysen was that I didn't want twins and wasn't ready for them, but these girls have been an incredible blessing! They have brought our whole family closer together and, especially me, closer to the Lord. I know that at times life will be even crazier than it is now(even though it feels like it can't possibly get any crazier) and we probably won't sleep through the night for at least 4 more years, but I wouldn't trade this time and the chance to be these little girls mom for anything in the world! (I wouldn't mind a full night's sleep, though...) ;) God blessed me incredibly when I had Maysen and Maelle and for that I will always be thankful!

When each of my kids were born I picked a verse for them and the girls are no exception, here's the one I chose for them:

"From the abundance of His grace God blessed us again and again" John 1:16
and, like all the other verses I chose for my kids, this one fits my sweet little blessings perfectly!

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