Friday, December 9

aunty fysh

My sister is leaving this afternoon and we are all so sad here to see her go! :( She came the week before the girls were born to get us "ready" and to watch the older kiddos while we were in the hospital and then she came for the last week so that Korey could save up some vacation time!) All of us have had so much fun with her. I've really enjoyed having someone to talk to and someone to help me out during the day...Hailey and Jack have totally enjoyed all the spoiling and the fun that only an aunt can give...and Korey has enjoyed being able to sleep through a few of the later evening feedings and letting her take those for him!

she helped us decorate our house for Christmas and then entertained the kiddos with window markers! :)

she helped Hailey hold the babies and very patiently allowed her to help her give one of them a bottle! (on more than one occasion)

the m and m's are going to miss her the most, though- they got lots and lots of cuddles and snuggles from their aunty fysh! (not to mention tons and tons of pictures)

It was fun to have someone else around to take some pictures of all the kids, 'cause I've been so "sleepy" that I've had a hard time remembering my kids names, let alone getting out the camera to document some of the cute little things they've done in the past few weeks!

I'm so appreciative of all the help that we've received from our friends and family, lately, but it was just so special and fun for us all to have my sister stay with us for the week! Not everyone would wanna come over and put up with an entire family of sleep deprived people, but my very patient sister dealt with it admirably well! I know that she's looking forward to getting back to her house and her peace and quiet, but I think there's a part of her that's gonna miss all the craziness of the Konietzki house!! hehehe!! :) We love you, Aunty Fysh! Thanks is not enough for all the help that you gave us! thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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