Saturday, December 10

Christmas time is here again...

and, thanks to our great neighbor, Terrae, we were able to go pick up a Christmas tree with Hailey and Jackson this afternoon!

even though it was super cold outside we all had a good time
we searched and searched for the right tree and each time Korey or I picked one out and asked Hailey what she thought she'd say "no, not this one" :)

luckily, we finally did get her to agree on one!

Jack and his daddy

Hailey loved helping her Daddy pull the tree out

I love my little "older" kiddos! :) They're so much fun!

when we got the tree home we set to work decorating it! (well, after we fed the babies and ate dinner- everything takes a LOT longer these days) ;)

Hailey had a good time putting ornaments on it and Jackson...well, as you can tell he had more fun pulling on the tree skirt and ripping ornaments off of the tree than putting them on! :)

This morning Korey and I were saying that we just didn't really feel like it was Christmas around here, so hopefully having the tree will help with that!! :) At least it smells a lot like Christmas around here!

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