Thursday, December 29

Merry Christmas!

this year we were incredibly blessed to share Christmas with Korey's brother- Will and his family! Their kids are almost the same age as ours and they had so much fun "celebrating" and playing together! It was just incredibly fun to watch them interact and play.

Jace is a year older than Hailey and Cole is 3 months younger than Jackson, so they really were able to have a good time together.

We spent the day after Christmas celebrating at my Mom and Dad's house!

our children were incredibly spoiled there and I was even able to take a nap on the couch while everyone else entertained my kids...definitely the most relaxed Christmas celebration of the year! :)

we even got the kids a few presents from Korey and I- nothing too huge or extravagant, but it was fun to see them excited about them, nonetheless!

Everyone enjoyed hanging out with Aunt Kelly! More than anything else I appreciated so much all the help that we got this year! I definitely would not have been able to handle Christmas as well if we had not had so many people willing to run after and snuggle with our children!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa K's was super fun, too! Hailey got to wear her new Christmas dress and she was incredibly pumped about it. When she got to put it on in the morning she ran around the house excitedly telling all of us how cute she looked and how much she loved her beautiful new dress! :)

All in all, we had some wonderful Christmas celebrations! :) We are so blessed to belong to two wonderful families that spoil us and our children!

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