Thursday, December 15

the devil comes in 2T

so, I guess it's a good thing none of our kids are wearing size 2T, right now!! ;) hahaha...on some days I'm almost convinced that the devil does reside at our house and, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure it would be much crazier if he did...

Thankfully, a dear friend loaned us her swing, just in time for some really crabby little girls and...they love, love, love it!! We just snuggled them in the wraps that she also loaned us and squashed them into the swing and it worked like a charm!

Thankfully, for Korey and I both, not every day is like today at the Konietzki house! Somedays are downright pleasant...

like the day Hailey and Korey got matching tattoos ;) (aren't they adorable?!)

and, the time we were able to snap this cute picture of all 4 of the kiddos in front of the Christmas tree!

and, when Jackson was nicely petting Maelle...that's always rare when he's not trying to touch her face, poke his fingers in her ears, touch her eyes or in some other way show her a little bit too much love! :)

or this time, when Maelle was sleeping so nicely as Maysen licked her face!

somedays Korey can even sit and bottle feed one of the babies without having to run around and chase after two other kids- break up fights or in some other way play referee!

a few times Hailey and Jackson have even sat nicely and eaten their lunch or supper at the table while Korey and I feed Maysen and Maelle!

and, on really great days the older kids even play nicely (aka- they aren't fighting over toys or trying to kill one another) while we feed the littler girls!

I'm so thankful that God did bless us with Hailey, Jackson, Maysen and Maelle...there was a time in my life where I honestly didn't know if I would ever have kids and I begged and pleaded and prayed to God for a baby and I'm so thankful that He answered that prayer with a yes! But, to be perfectly honest, I do often find myself wondering why He had to answer that prayer so quickly... ;) But, since he did I'm extremely thankful that He also gave me a husband like Korey! I feel like together we can do anything and we can handle anything- without him, though, I'd be lost and unable to handle all of this craziness- he keeps me laughing and brings some sanity to my life!

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