Friday, December 30

5 weeks

our little m & m's are 5 weeks old, now, and here's a little bit of what they've been up to:

they love to sleep on their tummy's and I love to let them...mostly because it makes them happy and they fall alseep mostly on their own when they're on their tummy and I don't really have the time to rock them to sleep! :) (plus, you have to admit that a baby all scrunched up with her legs under her is a pretty cute thing to look at)

they're getting a little too big to fit in the swing or the bouncy seat together...although, I still can't resist putting them in there together- they're just too cute all snuggled in!

they are still incredibly loved by all of us!! we all, including Jackson, have a hard time keeping our hands off of them- they've found a way to squeeze themselves into all of our hearts! :)

these little girls are growing incredibly fast...almost too fast for me! I'm excited for them to get bigger and stronger and to be able to sleep through the night, but I'm definitely loving the snuggly baby stage, right now. They're so incredibly fun to snuggle with, right now, and I just am loving how well they both fit in my arms at the same time!

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