Saturday, December 31


the year 2011 was a big one for the Konietzki family- with a lot of changes for everyone!
Korey and I celebrated 6 years of marriage- and, to "celebrate" we went on a weekend long "babymoon" and I got my first batch of flowers- ever!!

Hailey was potty trained!! Hooray!! :) (she also gave up her nukkie, learned to dress herself, put her own shoes on, buckle herself up, get herself a snack and lots and lots of other things)

my belly grew and grew and grew to extremely huge proportions :)

then, I "delivered" what I consider the greatest accomplishment of my whole life- twins, done all natural, only 6 minutes apart and a whopping 4lbs 13oz a piece!! :)

Korey still considers the day that we brought home our twin daughters and became a family of 6 the proudest day of his life! :) Guess that's why I love the man so much!! :)

our little baby boy- our little Korey clone- turned 1 year old this year!! (and learned to talk and walk and climb and screech and fight and all sorts of other things) :)

I hope and pray that you had as wonderfully exciting, but hopefully, a little less eventful of a year than our little family! :) (and here's to me praying for a slightly less eventful year come 2012)

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