Wednesday, December 21


I really can't get over how much our older kids love our younger kids! It just blows my mind and makes me incredibly thankful. I don't think I begged God for anything more than to just have Hailey and Jackson not be jealous and angry when the girls came home, and God graciously answered "yes" to that prayer!! They not only aren't, but they are as in love with Maysen and Maelle as we are! :)

(yes, that is Hailey wearing a Packer jersey under a princess dress...we don't even bat an eye when she comes up with her own outfits anymore) ;)

Even Jackson is really in love with his sisters...he's always wanting to help us burp them and feed them and hold them! It's definitely a little "dangerous" for our girls and keeps me more on my toes trying to keep him from hurting them on accident, but I just love it, anyways!!

Thank you, Lord, for giving all of our children a love for one another!

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