Wednesday, August 31

"change is not my friend"

I'm pretty sure if Jackson could talk in sentences that's what he would have said to me yesterday when I moved him to his big boy carseat :)
 poor kid...he just doesn't look happy about it, does he??
 good thing he had his blankie and trusty Clifford dog with him to help him get through this new and scary situation!
In case you're wondering, the fact that my kids really do NOT like change is the reason that their carseats are in the back and the biggest reason why we moved Jackson to his big boy carseat as soon as possible- I wanted to give them both a good 3 months to get used to their new seating positions before Maysen and Maelle join our family and take over Hailey and Jack's old seats! :) Little steps at a time is this mommy's motto...or at least I try to remember that it takes my kids, little steps at a time to do well with change! 

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