Saturday, August 20

6 beautiful roses

for 6 amazing years!

That's what Korey gave me last night...just in case he didn't have time to run out this morning! :) I just love the man that I married 6 years ago- everything about him...

the way he makes me laugh, even when I'm fuming mad at him

the way he always snuggles close in bed, because our bedroom is so cold he's freezing to death

the funny conversations I can have with him when he's 1/2 asleep

the way he works so hard and gets so much done

the way he plays tea party with Hailey

the way he throws Jackson up in the air, just to make him giggle

the fact that all Hailey has to do is say, "hailey sad, daddy" to get him to do whatever she wants

the way he never complains about how much $ I spend

the fact that he manages to always sleep through our kids getting up in the middle of the night, but can hear a neighbor opening their screen door at 2 in the morning

that he's so handy and can fix and create anything

the fact that he loves me, even when I'm cranky and crabby and irritable

that he'll drive all the way to Marathon city to buy me deep fried cheesecurds and then make fun of me all the way home

the way that he always loves my big pregnant belly

and even the back handed compliments about how skinny I look from the back!

I really do thank God that Korey picked me to be his wife and that he didn't get scared and run away when my Dad warned him that his life would never be dull or normal with me as his wife! :) He is an amazing man- a man any girl would be truly happy to have as her husband! Thanks for marrying me, honey!

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