Sunday, September 4


Korey and I were able to get away for a little "babymoon" this weekend!
 (thanks to Mom and Dad Konietzki for watching the kids for us) :)
 It was wonderful....and so much fun!
We went up to Bayfield, WI- one of the most fun places we'd ever been!
We were able to find a great deal on this little cottage...we wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast, but since one of our "necessary" things to do was sleep in, we thought having to be somewhere for breakfast didn't sound like that much fun- so, we opted for a place where we could just do more of our own thing! It was a great experience- one that we hope to be able to repeat sometime in the not so distant future... (insert laugh here, 'cause we all know how possible that will be with 4 little kiddos) :)
 Korey just loved looking at all the boats, but was very disappointed by the fact that the only fish we could see were minnows!!
 ahhhh...all the fun (and relaxation) reminded us of why we love each other and how much fun we really do have just hanging out together!
 the views were just gorgeous- I seriously could not get enough of looking out at Lake Superior and watching the sailboats sail along!
 the view from our little cottage front porch- I spent a lot of time just sitting out here and especially enjoyed getting up earlier than Korey (at 8am) and having my morning coffee and reading my Bible while looking out at this beautiful landscape
 we managed to get a chance to go back to our favorite little restaurant- the Pickled Herring- but this time we tried the famous pickled herring...
here's what I really thought of it...
 Korey liked it a little better than me, but we both pretty much agreed that it was probably the biggest waste of $ from the whole weekend...lesson learned- don't eat the pickled herring at the Pickled Herring in Bayfield, WI 
 we both really enjoyed our time and it was a great little getaway.
For me- the best part of this whole weekend getaway was the fact that it really brought some peace and some relaxation to my life! I'd been feeling so stressed and so "lonely" in this pregnancy and it was so great to just get away and have some time to share my thoughts and feelings with my best friend!
For Korey- the best part of the whole weekend was the fact that we got to sleep in every day and we got to take naps and not get woken up by anybody crying from their crib or coming into our room begging to watch cartoons in the morning! :) 

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