Monday, August 22

23 weeks down...

only about 14 more to go!!

Yikes! When I say it that way it just seems like it's creeping up on me way to fast...

Here's our 23 week ultrasound picture of Maysen and Maelle! (they were 1lb 1oz and 1lb in weight, at the time) Aren't they adorable?? It's the first time we've seen them that they're head to head and that they're not hitting each other, but looking so cute and nice. I guess there is some hope that they're gonna be best friends someday! :)

I think this summer has been the fastest summer of my life, to date, and I can't imagine that the fall is going to slow down any- the end of November is going to be here before I know, so I have a lot to do to get myself, my house, and Hailey and Jackson ready for the girls arrival. Here's a little peak at what we're up to:

Korey and I are leaving our kids with his parent's and heading out of town for a little weekend getaway- probably the last one for a while.

I've begged my mom in law to take a day off of work and watch the kids for me so that I can go and do my christmas shopping- I'm assuming I won't have the time/energy for that when the time comes!

I made some little pink burp clothes, lap pads, and a receiving blanket

I'm stocking up on more clothes, especially onesies and sleepers

we have a diaper and wipes shower, given by our parent's, coming up in a few weeks

I have a freezer full of freezer meals and am adding to that stash daily

I have a recipe book filling up with "quick and easy" dinner ideas, so that I won't have to be searching for them when I need an idea and have 4 screaming kids tugging at my heels

I'm meeting with our "nanny" this week, who's gonna come over and help me out 1 day a week when the babies are born

we're starting to think about a new schedule and implementing some new stuff around here so that we can more easily accomodate people in and out

our basement bathroom is almost completed- a few pieces of trim and we'll be good to go

and, the surest sign that we're getting a little closer is... that Korey's starting to make me take it easy. He's never really been the husband to "baby" his wife and I've never been the girl to let anyone "baby" me, but I have to admit that it is rather nice to have someone else carry laundry baskets upstairs for me and to make me take a break and put my feet up at the end of the day. So far I have felt really good, but I do get a lot of pain and pressure (not to mention am exhausted) by the time the day ends, so I'm guessing that's probably a good time to take a break and get some weight off of me! :)

Yesterday we saw my little niece and a couple weeks ago I went and visited 2 friends in the hospital who had just had their babies and just seeing those precious little bundles really gave me the "itch" to meet my little girls! I just can't wait to hold them and snuggle them and see what they're gonna be like. It's even harder to be "patient" when I see ultrasound pictures like the previous one- where you can see their little faces so well. So, I guess, in a way I'm hoping that these next few months fly by, but I still have a lot left to do, so not too quickly! :)

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