Thursday, August 25

I never cease to be amazed...

at the new ways to get in trouble that my little girl comes up with!
She took a nap in our bedroom the other day and I had forgotten our camera in there...and apparently Hailey really enjoyed herself with it!

I don't think she did much sleeping!

what do you think?? future photographer in the making??

if so, I think she should forget about self portraits :)

when I went in there she told me that she took pictures of her "owie" to show Daddy!

(she wasn't lying...she really did take 1 of her leg...and 60 others of her face, the blankets, and her kitty)

I don't know if I say it too often, but this kid cracks me up! I had the hardest time not laughing and trying to tell her seriously that she needed to settle down and go to sleep after I saw these pictures! :)

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