Monday, August 15

a kitty here, a kitty there, kitties, kitties everywhere!

Today was the day...

the day we've all been waiting for- but no one more than Hailey...

the day we got to go to build a bear at the Appleton mall and build a kitty!!

that was her "prize" for learning how to go potty and poopy (the harder of the two- for Hailey, at least) on the toilet. She had to put a circle on each day without accidents for 12 days before we could go and yesterday she finally did it- so today, Daddy got off work a 1/2 hour early and we made our way to Appleton to build a bear!

Our celebrating started early in the day- wearing her kitty shirt, her favorite kitty underwear and making kitty sandwiches for lunch!

I think the kitty was a hit, but making it was a little intimidating, or in Hailey's own words, "mommy, put heart in- loud noise. scary. daddy do it" So, we didn't get any pictures in the store- we had to leave before she finally stopped hiding behind our legs! :)

but, she wouldn't even put her kitty down when it was time to eat- it had to sit on Hailey's lap and help her eat her cheeseburger and french fries! (do you like the blue eyes...she picked this one out all by herself, but I thought it was fitting- the only stuffed animal there with blue eyes) :)

LOVE- even on the way home she couldn't get enough of her kitty! :)

Did you notice that her kitty is wearing undies?? You could pick out an outfit for "free", but she didn't want an outfit- she just wanted her kitty to have matching "hello kitty" underwear...go figure! (so, mommy picked out the outfit and the shoes and she got the undies, too...I'm such a sucker!) :) But, honestly, I couldn't help it- I was so proud of my little girl for learning how to go potty on the big girl potty all by herself! I woulda given her the moon if it meant that I didn't have to change 4 little kids diapers in about 3 months! :)

Thank you, Lord, for the little things in life! Your faithfulness in the small matters continues to amaze and sustain me!

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