Tuesday, August 30

My baby is 1

I can't believe it myself! When I first brought this sweet little boy home and was sleep deprived and running him to the doctor/hospital every day to get his heel pricked and his jaundice levels checked- it seemed like every day dragged by and it felt like I wasn't ever going to get beyond those little tiny newborn days! But...now, looking back I feel like it has flown by and now he's 1, sleeping through the night, drinking milk out of the sippy cup, eating food at the table and those early days feel like only a blurp on my radar!

I know I say it often, but I just am in love with this sweet little boy! Here's a little bit of what he's up to:

sleeping until 7, almost every day :)

drinking milk (and loving it) from his sippy cup

eating all sorts of table food- everything we eat, he eats (or throws on the floor for Allie...)

climbing the stairs (hasn't quite learned how to go down, yet, but getting close)

walking (does about 3 or 4 steps at a time, but not super often)

6 teeth (and 2 more on their way)

playing with all sorts of toys, but definitely LOVING trucks and puppies the most

attacking and chasing Allie all over the house

playing "chase" with Hailey (he chases her and she runs from him giggling) :)

jumping on the trampoline

reading stories and praying with mommy and Hailey before bed each night

finally moved up to 6-9 month clothes (yay!!)

sitting forward facing in his carseat (another big Yay!!)

I just can't believe all the growing and maturing that my little boy has done in the last year- I'm so proud of him and so excited for all the changes that I've seen in his life! He is such a joy and has added an immense amount of happiness to our family in this past year.

Next week he will be moving into Hailey's bedroom and she is so excited to share her room with Jackson and has been asking, every night, if he can sleep with her tonight! I can't believe the intense and great love between these two, especially considering the long and awful months following his birth, where I was convinced that the two of them would never bond and would hate each other forever! I'm so glad that God sees the bigger picture and that He blessed our family with Jackson, even when we wouldn't have asked or didn't feel ready for him!

Thank you, God, for giving me this boy- give us wisdom and strength as his Daddy and I seek to raise him to be a man who seeks after You and who honors You with his whole heart and life!

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