Monday, August 8

Life is so much more fun with Daddy!

Korey was home most of the day on Saturday and the kids and I had so much fun with him being there! We realized, yesterday, that he's been working for almost 20 days straight!! And, it has definitely felt like it...we all really missed him around here.

We definitely made the most of our Saturday and got a lot of playing in before he got called into work that night! :)

Hailey and Daddy set up the sprinkler and ran through it!

Jackson and I were playing, too, but the poor kid is a mosquito magnet and was starting to look like a pincushion, so I took him inside!
I think they both really enjoyed themselves

then they got all the wiring done for our new bathroom downstairs! So, thanks to the two of them (ok, mostly Korey, but we'll let Hailey pretend she was helpful) we now have a working fan and working lights in there- just tile and hooking everything up and we'll be good to go!! Yay!!

I don't know what we'd do without a Daddy at this house- we all so look forward to the time that we get to spend with him, especially his firstborn daughter! :)

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  1. Jenni, Although I cannot relate to your situation, Panchito just finished his classes (he took two intense classes this summer towards his mechanical engineering degree) and we feel similarly. We have missed him. Tonight he mowed with Samuel, casually, instead of as fast as he could so he could get downstairs to his homework. God has blessed our families with wonderful papas, there is no doubt!