Monday, August 29

Happy 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Jackson's first birthday on Saturday! It was so much fun- we had a "car" theme, but really the main decoration was the cake! Isn't it great??

me and my baby...who's so big and grown up these days! I can't believe he's a year already...

the birthday boy and his Daddy- my two favorite boys! :)

Hailey's favorite cousin, Kenzie, came and got lots of hugs and snuggles from everyone!

the birthday boy and his Nani

Jackson was really more interested in the ribbons than the actual gift opening...

which was a good thing, considering that Hailey LOVES to open presents and was convinced that they were for her!

he did manage to open a few on his own...

but mostly he only got to "help" open his gifts! :)

Jackson wasn't too interested in having his picture taken with the cake, without touching it, so we gave him some cars to play with! :)

Hailey helped him blow out the candle...

I just love babies with their first pieces of cake- they really never know what to make of it- and Jackson was no exception...

he soon go the hang of smooshing it, though, and thoroughly enjoyed himself!

even rubbing his hands together to make sure that there wasn't a piece left unsmooshed!

It sure was a fun birthday party! I think we all enjoyed it, but no one more than the birthday boy, himself...unless you count his sister, that is! :)

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