Thursday, August 4

oh baby!

Can you believe how much this looks like a "real" baby??

Can you believe how rounded her face looks and how her little fists are clenched and how perfect her little nose is?

Honestly, I know that it is a baby, I know she's real- I feel her move everyday, but I'm still in complete awe with how real Maysen looks in this picture.

(her sister, of course, was too busy hiding behind my bladder and then protecting herself from her sister to make an appearance, so no pictures of her today...unless you count her legs in this picture) :)

The girls and I went in for a little check up today and everything looks great! They are growing- not as fast as the doctor would like, but what else is new for my kids?? They have good, strong heartbeats, no signs of twin to twin transfusion and were kicking each other with vigor! :) I'm thinking that they're both gonna be scrappy little fighters...which is good, they're gonna have to be to protect themselves from their older siblings!

It's rather disconcerting to watch them kick so hard at the membrane separating them and the "bag of water" surrounding them and it actually is rather painful to have Maelle kick so hard at my bladder and cervix, but it was great to see how healthy and good those kicks look on the ultrasound.

I'm praising and thanking God for His faithfulness these last few weeks so that I was able to go to my appointment today excited to see the girls and not the least bit nervous, worried or fearful about what we might find or might see (it was to make sure my cervix was ok, but mainly to check for the twin to twin transfusion syndrom) I feel that He has truly blessed us with a peace that definitely surpasses all understanding and for that I am truly thankful!

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