Friday, May 1

14 weeks

Hailey turned 14 weeks old, yesterday! I can't believe that she's been a part of our family for only such a short time. When my Grandma came over the other day she remarked that she sure did have a lot of baby stuff in our livingroom. It made me think... We definitely do have a lot of baby stuff. We have a play mat, a bumbo seat, a bouncy seat, a pack 'n play with a mobile and diaper changing station, a boppy pillow, 2 baby blankets laying around, a highchair with a few toys on the tray, numerous burpclothes, mylicon gas relief, her medicine for her tummy, a camera (can't have that too far away- you never know when she might do something worth capturing!), exercise ball to bounce her on when she gets too cranky, a stack of baby books (that she doesn't have any interest in for more than 2 seconds), the book, "What the Bible Says About Parenting" by John MacArthur, a scrapbook, a little baby photo!! I hope I don't find anything else. It might just make us look like psycho-obsessive parents! (oh, wait! I think that we probably already do!) I guess on top of all that I should say that I rearranged the pictures on the wall so that I could put up a frame with pictures of Hailey. I remember people telling us that our life was never going to be the same, but for some reason I just didn't realize how true they were. It makes me thankful that Korey and I had a few years of marriage before we threw a baby in the mix. Not that I would ever go back to the time before Hailey, but it does make that time a little sweeter to us! We're planning an overnight trip to West Salem, today, and I can't get over how much stuff we need just for Hailey!! It doesn't seem right that a little baby should need so much stuff, but she really does. It seems like we never go a day without her needing her outfit changed at least once- either from poop or spit up, so she for sure needs at least 2 outfits. I figure we need at least 15 diapers, extra wipes, her pajamas, a pack 'n play, a few toys to play with, her bouncy seat- just in case she gets fussy(which is probably a guarantee- she's not very good at having her routine messed with...), maybe 3 or 4 burp clothes, 2 blankets and her little wrappy thing to sleep in, 1 or 2 bibs, the camera, 2 nuks(just in case 1 gets lost!), her gas relief stuff, and her diaper bag! Hopefully that's enough stuff! Good thing they have a 24 hour walmart close by. :) What did people do without them??? When I went away for the first overnight with Hailey I forgot to pack almost all of my stuff- good thing i was going to visit my sister and I could just borrow all her bath stuff and make up- because I was so busy packing stuff for Hailey! Good thing she's so cute and loveable that no one cares if her Mom is wearing the same clothes two days in a row! :)

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