Tuesday, May 26

First Fishing Experience

Here she is chilling on the boat seat. I took pity on her and took off the lifejacket!
Isn't the pink floppy hat cute??
She had to almost lay down with the lifejacket on- it was just a little too big. :)

On Sunday we decided to take Hailey out in the boat for the first time. She loved everything about it, except for wearing the life jacket. It was a little big, so it was hard for her to sit down in it. She looked so funny...you could only really see a little head, some stick arms, tiny little sprouts of legs and a big round life jacket! No wonder she hated it!! It wasn't very stylish. I'm glad that I found the life jacket at a garage sale, though...I did feel better with her in it and I'm sure as she gets more and more active I'm gonna really like having her in it! Poor Korey didn't catch very many fish, though. Actually, he didn't catch any- I think we distracted him! It's a little different than just taking me and my book along. Plus, we brought so much stuff with us in the boat that I'm pretty sure he didn't have too much room to move around. I kept thinking of things that Hailey might need...as it turn out she really didn't need any of it, except her little sweater and the diaper. But, she did need a little umbrella or something to keep the sun off of her and I forgot that!! ha,ha,ha. go figure- the story of my life!

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