Wednesday, May 20

A bad day at the Konietzki household!

Here's the one bright spot of our day- Hailey watching American Idol!! Does that make us bad parent's?? She's just so cute that I can't help but love letting her watch it. :)
Yesterday was a bad day at our house! It started out beautifully- Hailey slept in, I got a look of work done before she got up...but, I shouldn't have been caught off guard. I guess you sort of forget how much you missed someone when you walk into a laundry room full of clothes or a mud room full of "stuff" and it's very easy for him to forget how much he missed you when he just wants to sit down and relax and you have a bunch of "chores" for him to do! (he had been gone for a few days...they were piling up!!) :) I guess if you have ever read the book, Love and Respect, I'd have to say that we got on the crazy cycle!! The worst part was that we even knew it and didn't care- I think we both should have been singing that country song, "I just want to be mad for a while!" That would have pretty aptly described both of our feelings last night. It all started when Allie, Hailey and I went outside to sit by Korey while he was working on my mother's day present! (which turned out very nicely!) I put Hailey on her little blanket, playing with a book and went to do some weeding. In the meantime Allie decided that she'd lay down on the blanket, too- no big deal, right??? Well, that's what I thought, but it turns out that Allie brought her kong with her, which rolled over by Hailey and then Allie decided that she wanted it, so she took it and in the process she scratched Hailey's hand!!(yikes...another bad mom move to add to the book!) So, Hailey was screaming bloody murder and wouldn't calm down- not that I blame her, I've been scratched by Allie before and it does hurt! Hailey finally fell asleep outside in her stroller and all was fine, but eventually she had to wake up and she just wasn't in the best, I spent my evening rocking and holding her until she finally ate and went to bed! I guess that would have been the perfect time for Korey and I to go to bed...not pick at each other and get on each other's nerves. Who would have known that Korey bringing up a laundry basket full of clean clothes and me asking him to hang a picture frame tree would cause that big of a problem! Now we know! ;) Good thing that each day is a new day and we don't have to bring yesterdays problems to today!!! (not that we won't be able to find other things to fight about, but hopefully we'll head off the fight and be in better moods!)

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