Tuesday, April 30

twins are fun!

Maysen and Maelle seem to have such a great relationship, these days. It's been incredibly fun to see them grow together and actually play together. They seem to share everything these days- chairs, boxes, nuks, mommy's arms, trouble, little tyke cars, food. It seems like if one of them has something the other feels like she should have it, too. It's kind of a strange thing, as a mom, to watch. When my other 2 were little they would get jealous if another baby were in my arms, but not my twinnies- if they see me holding one of them the other one needs to get right up there in my arms- even if she was playing perfectly well or was in someone else's arms before she saw me pick up her sister. Some days it is exhausting to be needed so much, but most days it is sweet and wonderful and I love every minute of my sweet baby snuggles. 

I feel like the first 7 months of the twins life were the hardest months of my life...the next 7 months were a little easier...but the last few months have just been fun. I've been able to enjoy having twins and when people say that I'm so lucky to have twins I can truly smile and say "yup, I know" and really mean it! Not every day or every minute is awesome and wonderful, but there have been so many days in the last few months that I just haven't been able to stop smiling, giggling, and laughing at the antics of these two crazy kids. It's almost as if, for the first time since they were born, I truly feel like twins are a blessing and a special gift from God.
(don't get me wrong- I loved them from the minute they were born...it's just that my life felt so overwhelming that it was hard to enjoy them)
I got a new backpack to carry the girls in (one at a time) and I took Macy for a ride first and you would have thought I had told Maelle that Maysen was my favorite from the way she reacted...this is her little face- poor girl was inconsolable until I finally got Macy strapped in and picked her up, too!! But, the other one is her face as soon as I put them BOTH down and they could investigate the backpack to their hearts content! 
I'm hoping that the backpack will be a good way to take walks in the backyard at our new house...it's gonna be a little different than in town- no really nicely paved sidewalks, more like walking trails through the woods :)


  1. I completely get it!

    More of our struggles are between Ave and the babies, than between the triplets.

    1. kind of amazing how babies seem to share with one another without really much of an issue...I wonder how long that will last :)