Sunday, April 14

pure bliss

yes, pure bliss would be the only word I could use to describe what a weekend away without our kids feels to Korey and I- made even sweeter by the fact that the huge snowstorm we were going to get fizzled out and turned into nothing, so we were able to sneak away at the last minute! 
I literally threw clothes in a bag for Korey and I and took laundry baskets for the kiddos- not sure if we all even had enough clothes or matching clothes, but I didn't care- I just wanted to go and spend some one on one time with my man :) 
And, it's pure bliss, being away. 
We shopped til we dropped on Friday. We went to Scheels and looked at and tried out every gun in the store. We bought ammo. We bought skinny jeans (yay! been looking for those for a long time). We bought coffee and sipped it calmly and quietly.  We went out for some nice lunches and dinners (we even managed to go to the same place we had stopped on our honeymoon and eaten our first breakfast as a married couple...awwww). We went to a stand up comedy club(I was the only girl, there, so I got a little bit of ribbing from the comedians...good thing I have 4 kids and am good at thinking on my feet). We went to Lambeau field and toured it (apparently they are very serious about not stepping on the grass...even if it's an accident they're not that nice about it). We went to 2 different sporting goods stores and tried out more guns and searched for duck decoys (apparently Korey's the only man in the sporting world that spends all other season's dreaming about duck hunting). We went out for wings at a little college sports bar(and felt incredibly old...but loved the wings, none the less). We laughed. We took long hot showers without anyone bothering us. We slept in. We drank whole cups of coffee without reheating them. We slept all night long without any interruptions. We went to a movie. We went out for dinner at 9:30pm. 
It's been pure bliss.
Today we're heading home. We're gonna go and pick up our kiddos at their grandparent's houses and head back to real life. I'd be lying if I said I missed them the whole time. I'd definitely be lying if I said we were both in a hurry to get home. But, I'd also be lying if I said that we didn't talk about them the whole weekend or if I said that we weren't gonna start missing them more as we got closer and closer to home. :) 

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