Thursday, April 25

17 months

wow. that's all I can say about how big my girls are- simply wow! 
Maysen Ann weighs almost 22lbs
Maelle Kay weighs 21lbs
Both are wearing 12 month clothes, but I bought them some new summer jammies (ok, my friend picked them up at a garage sale for me- don't want anyone to assume I've been out hitting up garage sales with my brood) ;) in a size 18 month and they fit pretty good :) 
Both girls are cutting their molars and it's been a week filled with some not fun days (and a few not fun nights) 
Neither girl is talking much, but they both have started saying, "mama" one of the sweetest sounds to my ears :) and Maysen has started saying, "hello" when she picks up a little phone. She still says, "Hi daddy" and Maelle has started saying, "dadda" when Korey comes home! Makes his heart happy, too, I think! They both will say, "ma" for either milk or more, but it sounds hilarious- it's like they're yelling "ma, ma, ma" over and over again and following me around with their sippy cups :) 
Blowing kisses is still one of the girls favorite things to do. It's so precious to have them come up to me and blow me a little kiss!
Both girls have also started wrestling with each other and tackling each other at random times of the day. It's so hilarious and it always starts a huge giggle fit from everyone!
Maysen loves her Daddy- almost more than her mommy, but she still seems to prefer me above him when she's hurt (for now, anyways...didn't take Hailey long to choose Daddy over me) :) 
Maelle definitely would rather have mommy than anyone else- she's even started screeching when Hailey tries to give her a hug when I'm holding her- possibly out of fear that Hailey's going to try and take her out of my arms :) 
As the girls get older its been more fun to see their little personalities shine out...
Maelle LOVES books. She loves to get them off the shelf and bring them to me- she even has her favorites that make her giggle. She's also a huge fan of legos. She's been playing with them- putting them together and taking them apart- they keep her occupied for hours!
Maysen really loves to see what her brother and sister are up to. She is a huge fan of Hailey and follows her all over the house- makes my heart super happy to see Hailey treat her so well and talk to her in baby talk. If Maysen's the first one up from her nap she always sits and snuggles with Hailey for a bit, before getting off the couch and playing. 
We've started a buddy system at our house, now- each big kid is in charge of a little kid- Hailey has Maelle and Jackson has Maysen. They take their job very seriously and the twinnies do not make it an easy job for them!
It's so fun to see my little m&m's growing up and getting bigger and bigger. They get more and more fun the older they get and I feel like as each month goes by life gets a little easier and a little more fun! :) I think we're definitely starting to reap the benefits of having a bunch of little kiddos, all relatively close in age!!!

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