Friday, May 3

only in Wisconsin

can you go from sunshine, wearing short sleeves and getting a sunburn...

to sleet, icesicles hanging off the toys and having to wear your winter coats under your rain coats to play outside in the muddy puddles...
Yikes is this year throwing us all for a loop!! Just as we were getting used to the sunshine and warmth it gets all cold and snowy on us again...sigh! The good news is- staying inside gives me a chance to work on getting caught up on the laundry and all the "inside" chores that I'd been neglecting while we played and enjoyed the outdoors :) 


  1. Or upstate NY. It's been consistently nice for the past week, which is so unusual.

  2. Same thing happened in KS last week. I lost 4 freshly planted coleus in my flowerboxes due to snow after near 80 temps. Grrrrr!!!! Thankfully the snow melts fast here! :)