Wednesday, April 10


how do you handle disappointment?! 
I know how I do...I cry, I hug my kids, I cry, I text my friends, I feed my kids ice cream for dinner and I whine like a little girl who lost her pet pony...or maybe even worse...maybe like a little girl who just didn't get the pony she wanted! Then aforementioned friend who received one of the sad pathetic little whiny texts stops by with a cup of Starbucks and flowers and there are more tears, but happy tears this time. It's a sad day when you don't get what you want, even when you know that it must be God's best for you! 
So, tomorrow, instead of going on a long weekend away with my amazing husband, relaxing, enjoying some peace and quiet and sleeping in- I'll be home alone with my 4 awesome children doing dishes, making dinner, changing diapers, giving baths, wiping little noses and hopefully not spending too much time feeling bad for myself :) 

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