Saturday, April 6

"he that has a cheerful heart has a continual feast"

these kids make me laugh, they bring cheerfulness into my heart and my life!
our old neighbor's always say that our kids keep them young, but, the truth is- they keep me young!
Even when life gets hard and the stress threatens to take over...I just can't help but laugh and giggle when I see these sweet faces- they're just always doing something goofy or silly! 
A few nights ago Korey took Jackson to Fleet Farm and the girls and I stayed home. Hailey had this brilliant idea to play "balloon touch" (where you hit the balloon up and try to not let it touch the ground) only she made a new rule- if you let it touch the ground you had to hit your face with the balloon. It was hilarious. We laughed so hard. I think for almost 20 minutes the 4 of us just laughed and giggled and hit the balloon around the bedroom. It was great for my heart and my countenance. I felt myself buoyed up. I'm pretty sure I smiled for the rest of the night. When I went to bed that night I thanked God for the cheerful hearts that He's blessed my children with- they truly do create a continual feast of fun for our whole family! 

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