Tuesday, April 23


small house+cranky kids=1 desperate momma
thank goodness for pinterest coming to my rescue with a sumo wrestling idea (this is probably one of the few things that I've pinned that I've actually done) :) 
The days have been rather long, lately, the weather hasn't been very nice and the kiddos have been cranky and bored, so we've had to get creative...yesterday it was sumo wrestling fights- with Daddy's t-shirts and pillows stuffed in :) Who needs Ultimate Fighting or the Hunger Games when you have sumo wrestling?! 


  1. HAha...I don't dare to even think what that would end like in my house lol

    1. hahaha :) I bet it would be funny!! :) maybe you should try it and take a video, so we can all giggle! Hailey did end up with a split lip at the end, because jack fell on her and she fell into the coffee table...oops!

  2. Love it, it looks like so much fun