Saturday, April 27

sunshine and warmth

yes- we finally have sunshine and warmth- two things that we haven't had for what seems like months and months around here!! I think I may have been getting depressed...because when the sunshine came out, we were able to go out and play- it felt so great and wonderful. I smiled a little more, laughed a little more, had a little bit more energy and enjoyed this house a whole lot more!! I feel like we've all been stuck inside for so long that it feels great to get a little change of pace and spend some time outside! We've been taking walks, trimming trees ( should see the huge pile of gigantic branches Korey "trimmed off"- seems more like he's taking trees down, rather than trimming them), raking, riding bikes, playing in the backyard, going to the park- we even ate lunch outside! woohoo!!! (a double win, because then all the mess stays outside, too) :)
Please, dear God, for my sanity, let this weather continue :) 

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