Monday, April 29

a night to remember!

A few weeks ago a friend of ours asked Hailey to be the mini prom queen in our town's prom. I didn't know all what it entailed, but it turned out to be more than I had imagined and basically a little girl's dream come true! It was truly- a night to remember- for all of us :) 
The day started out by our friend, Sammie, coming, bringing flowers and picking Hailey and her dress up and taking her to get her hair and make up done (yes, they gave her a little make up kit to take home- her newest prized possession) and to the park to take pictures- apparently she got the royal princess treatment all day :) 
I don't know if you know how much Korey loves his little girl, but he was so proud of her and treated her like a little princess all evening long! She, of course, ate it up! He bought her a little corsage and took some cute pictures with her- a little girl's dream come true :) (at least this one- who's absolutely in love with her daddy) He even gave her a little pep talk on the way there and ended it with, "you'll always be my princess, Hailey" to which she beamed!!
Another little man who was super proud of "his" Hailey, was her little brother, fireman Jack! He was so excited to see her all dressed up and had to get dressed up in his fireman best, too!! One thing I really dream about for my kiddos is that they can grow up to support one another and be there for one another- at least for one night it was a sweet reality :)
Almost all of her favorite people came, too- Sammie, Bob and Karen and Grandma and Grandpa. She, of course, loved all the attention! (almost as much as she liked all the sparkles the girls put in her hair and on her arms) :) 
She walked out with a little boy- Caden, who was a little scared, so she had to hold his hand. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever to see those two little people come, after all the poofy dresses and big kids. There was an audible "awwww" from the audience :) I would say the little people stole the spotlight! 
Miranda is the friend who got Hailey into prom and she was just as gorgeous as my little princess!! Hailey was just so in awe of all the girls in the dresses that she had to have some pictures with some of them! She really loved the poofy dresses the best! :) 
On the way to Prom Hailey was all smiles and giggles and seemed so grown up, but on the way home her 4 year old self was showing  as she said, "momma, I'm so tired that I don't think I can ever walk again. all my energy is gone" and then proceeded to ask if she could sleep with her new make up kit that night :) 
Hailey's first prom was definitely a night to remember!!


  1. How fun! Those princessy prom dresses are the best...I honestly don't understand the short ones or the ones that are skin tight.

    She looks so adorable!

    1. I totally agree...since we were sitting in the front row and the couples were walking almost over our heads there were a few times I wanted to cover my eyes...and my poor husband's. I don't understand a girl that young (or any girl, for that matter) wearing dresses that are that revealing. Makes me want to weep for them, to think that they think so little of themselves that they find their only worth in sharing parts of their body that don't need to be shared.