Sunday, April 15

their own sense of style

My two older kids  both have a great sense of style! 
 aren't they just the cutest...wearing Daddy's workboots and mommy's clogs?? :)
 poor Jack has a hard enough time walking on a normal day...these workboots just about put him over the edge! 
 some days I really regret letting Hailey pick her own clothes and its kind of embarrassing...
some days I just love the outfits she puts together and they make me laugh so hard...
today is one of these days- I just love what she came up with this afternoon- 
her kitty swimming suit, flower jammie shorts, pink socks, and flip flops all topped off with a red and white striped sweater- LOVE it! :)
There have been a lot of pictures these days, because Korey's been working alot of nights- don't get too used to it! :)

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