Monday, April 23

springtime fun

My whole family just LOVES anything to do with being outdoors. Korey and I have always been outdoor lovers and I think all of our kids got that gene, which makes me so incredibly happy. :) There's nothing like a good sunshiney day to lift my spirits and put my heart back to rights. On Saturday, Korey and the kids were doing a lot of "work" outside with our tree stump and putting the swingset back up, so the M&M's and I decided to get all dressed up and join them! (yes, after all the work of getting them dressed up and outside they spent about 10 minutes out there before we headed back in so they could go down for their late afternoon nap, but it was so worth it) 
 at first I didn't know what to do with the "other" baby, so I brought out the jumperoo, but then I remembered that we had an old baby swing that Korey had as a baby in our, I got that out and Maysen definitely enjoyed herself more when she could swing with her siblings :)
 my little May-May in her Daddy's baby swing! Jackson spent hours and hours in this swing! I think she's gonna love it just as much!! 
 Hailey is just so in love with her little sisters. She's always taking care of them and watching out for them. It's so sweet. I just know that she's gonna be a great little "momma" for all her siblings (much to Jackson's chagrin...) ;) Today I even found her playing a matching game on my IPod in the middle of the girls and showing them what a kitty looked like and what it sounds like- it was so adorable!!
definitely 4 of the cutest kiddos that I know :)
 Hailey and Jackson were just incredibly excited to have their swing set back and be able to run and play on it! We have barely been inside since Saturday afternoon when Daddy put it back up :)
 my amazing husband even built a nice little sandbox for the kids underneath it...that's definitely been Hailey's highlight- most specifically the blue sand that her Nani had given her last year and we'd "saved" for something special! It is now basically all mixed in with the rest of the sand, but it sure was fun while it lasted ;)

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