Thursday, April 12

Daddy is so fun

and so is playing on the tree stumps that he cuts down!! :)
 Korey had the day off today and Hailey and Jackson had so much fun watching him and his friend cut down the huge tree stump that the tree guys left and then dancing on the stumps that he "chunked" up! 
 aren't these tree stumps huge??? they were honestly bigger than Jackson!
 here's the giant stump that's left, the kids had so much fun jumping off of it and falling down the little hill!
It's great how little it takes to entertain my 2 older kiddos...they're so cute and fun! :) (and I have to admit that Hailey and I came out, after Jack went down for a nap, and jumped off it holding hands for about 30 minutes- all the while giggling- and it was some of the most fun I've had lately) :)

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  1. Love Jackson's new haircut---and love Hailey's long hair. She is so beautiful! Glad you had some one on one time with Hailey this afternoon jumping off the tree stump! :)