Wednesday, April 4

my little Hailey...

thinking about the fact that 4 years ago this month we found out we were going to have our first baby- after 2 1/2 long years of trying- has gotten me thinking about this sweet little girl of mine! 
It literally seems like almost a lifetime ago that she was a tiny little baby and I had all the time in the world to devote to her and I was a new and very nervous mom. I remember those feelings of excitement and fear and trepidation at this new adventure we were all about to embark, it seems almost laughable the things that I worried and stressed and cried over! One of the biggest things I remember about that first year of her life, though, was that I was bored. I had quit a job that I loved a few days before I had her and she just wasn't enough to fill up my days and I remember feeling so lonely and so bored...two feelings that I am no friend with any longer! I don't even know what it's like to be bored anymore and I'm too busy to think about how lonely I might be! :) 
This sweet girl definitely changed my life and I love her more today than I did the day she was born! I would never exchange those precious first few months with her, but I don't really miss them, either. :)
she's so much bigger, now. She can go potty all on her own...I don't have to change her diapers, she doesn't spit up all over me, she dresses herself, she can help's just so nice to have a bigger kid!
she has an awesome personality...we all knew the minute she was born that she was gonna be a little spitfire, but I had no idea that that spitfire would also be a whole ball of fun!! she makes me giggle all the time! and keeps me from taking life too seriously!
she's a great little teacher and "mommy" to her younger siblings! she's gonna be a great ringleader and caretaker as they all get older. I see her planning parties and get togethers long after I'm gone! 
she especially loves her little "ellie-belle"! she's the first person she wants to snuggle with and say HI to each morning (after Jackson) and she always wants to help feed her, help change her, give her kisses and hugs...even snuggle with her. She's so sweet to both of the girls, but I think ellie might have a special spot in her heart!
she sure has a special spot in her Daddy's heart! She can get him to do most anything and I'm seriously considering having her ask him if maybe he should take mommy to a Brewer game and an overnight this summer!! (I might have better luck getting to go...) ;)
If there's one thing Hailey LOVES it's food- always has been (fruit and cookies mostly...I do remember that one of her first words was cookie!) And if there's one thing she HATES it's clothes! I think if I'd let her run around naked she'd be the happiest person on the planet! 
she's a 3 year old who desperately wants to be a baby...and, who can blame her- they get all the hugs and cuddles they want, they get all the attention and they get to stay up later than she does!! what's not to be jealous of?? (here she's trying to get into the baby swing- via the top of the car...)
she's a little diva...a little princess that insists on dressing herself every day and insists on wearing the same dress over and over again, because it makes her look like a princess!! And, I totally deserve that! I loved dressing her up in cute little clothes and dresses when she was little and now she loves dressing herself up...
I've never been a first child, but I would think it's a rather stressful place to be in the family...there's so much you have to do, so much pressure placed on you and you're the guinea pig of the family. Korey and I have made so many mistakes with Hailey (and continue to do so) that it's not even funny. I feel like I'm so much more relaxed with Jackson, or I at least know what to focus on and what he's just gonna outgrow in a few months (not that I don't make mistakes with him, because I do), just because I've done this stage once before- most of it is nothing new! Not so with Hailey- everything is new and uncharted territory and in some ways, it's still pretty scary and exciting all at the same time! One thing I know for sure- I'm so thankful that God granted me my prayer and blessed me so incredibly with this precious little girl! I pray that I will be the Mom that she needs me to be to raise her into the girl that God has planned for her to be, because I know that He has great and wonderful things for this little "spirited" child of mine!

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