Wednesday, April 4

a little man...

who tries so hard to be big!
That's definitely what our little baby Jack is. He's the perfect second child...he just quietly watches and then tries to copy whatever Hailey just did! 
 It's cute to watch, but scary to be a mom of a kid like that...
he's constantly falling and hurting himself because he's trying to do things that he's not big enough or advanced enough to do! 
 some of it's even my fault, because I don't really want 3 babies...I already have 2, I'm ready for him to grow up and move on and make my life a little easier! So, there are days and times when I push him to do things that he's a little young to do- like swing on a real swing, instead of his baby swing! (you have to admit that he is rather cute on that swing) 
 but, I can't take credit for the fact that he tried to jump off the steps, after Hailey did- and fell because he doesn't know how to actually jump; or the fact that he runs up and down the hallway- tripping most of the time; or that yesterday he climbed up on the back of the couch and "jumped" off into the laundry basket full of clothes! I carried twins for 37 weeks and I still think that if this little boy makes it alive and well to his highschool graduation I'm going to consider it one of the greatest accomplishments of my life! :)
 here's my little "copy-cat" at work! :) He's not even really sure what Hailey's up to, but whatever it is- he wants to be a part of it!!! He definitely reminds me of myself...when my older sister, Felicia, went off to school and I had to stay home I cried and cried and was so sad that she got to go and I didn't understood why I didn't get to! In my mind Felicia and I were the same age! :) And, I think that's how Jackson sees himself and Hailey.

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