Friday, April 13

4 months!

Ok, Maysen and Maelle have been 4 months for a while, now, but up until yesterday I'd not taken their pictures with the cute little month stickers...oops! 
 anyways, better late than's a little bit of what's new around here at 4 months of age:
the girls love to hold hands and do it often...I still think it's super cute and can't seem to get enough pictures of it :) 
we still get a million comments of how full our hands are and I still have no idea how to respond! someday I'm gonna come up with a great "retort" to it, but for now, I'll just stick with smiling and nodding and laughing to myself! The best part is that they tend to say it when it's just me and the girls somewhere...then I really laugh- if they only knew that the twins are the least of our problems! :)
 honestly, don't turn me in to the "bad parent police" but these beauties usually get a bath about once a week...if they don't go longer. I'm not even lying when I tell you that I gave them a bath yesterday and couldn't not remember the last time they'd gotten one before that! I generally wipe their chins out with a wipe if they get too smelly and I try to get all the boogies out of their hair, but I got bigger fish to fry, so we often don't worry about it too much! 
 the girlies LOVE their tummies and although they've both rolled over a few times, neither one of them does it with a lot of consistency. 
 smiles and giggles are what we get all the time with these two! I don't know what life would be like with 3 children and if Maysen had been born and then Maelle a year or two later, but I truly believe that they are such great babies because they have each other to entertain each other, they have each other to sleep with and they just don't have any other choice than to sleep when put in their pack 'n play and play when awake. (I guess they do...they could cry and sometimes do, but not often) 
 Maysen seems to have a love affair with her tongue and just loves sticking it out whenever she gets a chance! It's so cute and I remember Hailey doing the exact same thing when she was around this age!
 Maelle just loves to giggle and drool and smile and drool some more! 
So far nursing is still going well- getting easier these days! I've even nursed in  for real public (I've nursed at friend's houses and in front of friends numerous times) two times and although it was a bit of a challenge and a kind of embarrassing I was so thankful for the ability to nurse both girls! (both times were when I had forgotten to pack bottles and had two screaming and hungry babies on my hands) The girls are still eating about 5-7 times a day, generally 6, but sometimes they surprise me and throw an extra one in or cut one out, but only for about a 1/2 hour a time, so that has definitely opened up some time in my day! :) Nursing twins really is a huge time commitment and I'm incredibly thankful that Korey has been supportive of my desire to nurse the girls and to pick up the slack so that I can continue to do it!  And that God has blessed me and graciously given my kids some patience and fortitude to put up with mommy just sitting around for that many hours a day! :) And, that I have been able to keep up my milk supply enough to keep up with the demands of two growing girls! In fact, at our last appointment, the girls were farther ahead in the growth curves than Hailey and Jackson ever had been! It made me so thankful and so proud...I guess there is some truth to the fact that nursing gets easier the more kids you have, even twins :)
 Both Maysen and Maelle graduated from the size 1 diapers to size 1/2. Last week I had to buy more diapers for Jackson and I realized that it had been the first time I'd bought diapers since we had been blessed with our diaper and wipes shower from our parents! 
At their 4 month appointment Maelle weighed 11lbs 11oz and Maysen weighed 12lbs 2oz, but I really think that Maelle has caught up since then...she woke up twice in the night to eat and was barely satisfied with what I gave her. When they are taking a bottle both girls will eat 6 ounces! Pretty amazing, huh??!! (maybe that's where my extra pounds are hiding...) :)

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  1. 'if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!' :)