Sunday, April 1

april fools!

I had this great plan that I was gonna post on facebook today that I was pregnant, but then I realized that it wasn't even a really funny joke, so I refrained :) 
so, instead, here are some "truths", in honor of this silly day full of lies 
1) Hailey truly believes that she has 2 babies in her belly and that they tickle her and are going to be born soon :)
2) Hailey doesn't play with dolls EVER anymore...she plays with Maysen and Maelle 
 3) Jackson loves his may-may and if he asks to hold a baby it's always may-may and if you tell him it's ellie he gets upset!! weird, huh?
4) I always thought Hailey would love the babies, but I had no idea that Jackson would be the one to love them the most...but, he really does seem to have a strong attachment to them. I even use them as a "bribe" to go in the nursery without crying and today when I picked all of them up he cried and screamed when the ladies sent the m&m's away without him!
 5) Maysen and Maelle do look exactly alike! Even our doctor says that their differences aren't anything  noticeable- it's just that they sometimes hit their growth spurts at different times!! 
 6)Maelle is more interested in and depends more on Maysen than Maysen does to her
 7)these truly are the happiest of babies!
8) the M&M's love to watch their siblings and I think that keeps them entertained and happy alot of the time!
 9) regardless of how sad one of the babies are, holding onto each other's hand, sucking on each other's hand, or just being close to each other ALWAYS settles them down!
10) I consider myself the most blessed woman in the whole world and am marveling at the fact that only 4 short years ago I had just gotten pregnant with Hailey and was in awe of God's faithfulness towards me!

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  1. Your girls are adorable! Mine are for sure fraternal (though initial reports said ID) but they grow at the same time and need each other a lot!