Wednesday, November 10

A warm day in November...

doesn't happen very often, but when it should definitely take advantage of it!
and, that's just what the kids and I did!

the sunshine and warm weather were just wonderful to play in. We don't always appreciate the great weather, but when it comes in November, it's a little easier to, because you know that it's gonna be one of the last great days of the year! :) really was over 60! (and that was yesterday, today it was even warmer)

aren't they adorable?? I put Jackson in the little car to take some pics and Hailey, of course, had to jump in and get some pics taken, too! :) I just thought they were soo cute together! :)
There were only a few toys that Korey didn't put away for the winter, so Hailey just had to make do with what we still had laying out! :)
I'm hopeful that we'll still have some good days left of this year, but even if not, it'll be fun to take Jackson out for his first snowfall!!!

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