Thursday, November 4

baby photo shoot

Today, my dear friend and neighbor, Sheila, came over to take some baby pictures of Jackson! It was fun to come up with some cute ideas and really fun to see what she did with him! I think that we're really gonna like what she came up with...he's such a doll, how could we not like them?! :)
I didn't get any pictures of the "photo shoot", but I'll share some other photos...
we tried to capture a smile like this one:

a cute little pose on the boppy pillow, like this one:

and a fun little photo in the basket, like this one:

hahaha...gotcha, didn't I?! I bet you thought this was Jackson in a new outfit!! LOL, actually, someone (we're not gonna mention any names, here) was feeling kind of left out of the action, so we let her sneak her baby in for a few quick photos! ;)

and, then she got to have one of her Halloween treats for being such a good momma and letting her baby take some pictures, too! :)

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