Friday, November 26


Today Korey got his first taste of "Black Friday"shopping!
He was so excited that he couldn't stop taking pictures...
But, he was so tired that he had a hard tme keeping his eyes open!

We had a lot of fun, Jackson was a dream baby and slept the whole time, but Korey already put it on record that he was NOT planning on joining me next year! :)

In my defense, I did warn him about how crazy it was going to be and how many people there were going to be at the stores, but he either didn't really understand or he didn't think I was telling the truth...but, the minute we walked into Kohls and the check out line began at the front door Korey realized that he had bit off more than he really wanted to chew this morning! :)
He did end up having a good time, though, and even came home with some bargains of his own! I had a great time...I just enjoy spending time with my husband and what better way to get some quality talking time in than standing in line at Kohls for over an hour?! ;) hehehe...I love you, Korey! Thanks for being such a good sport!

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