Tuesday, November 16

It's just that kind of a day...

The kind where you just wanna hole up in your house, wear your pj's and snuggle up on the couch! Hailey and Jackson haven't been feeling too well lately and have been having a hard time breathing- and sleeping!! We've been running alot, lately, and it hasn't really been good for them- or given them a chance to just rest up and get better!
So, today, we cancelled all plans and are just staying home and trying to get better!!
Jackson's being all snuggly and wanting to be held...
and Hailey is, too!
If you could see us all today, you'd just see three little people hanging out on the couch like bums, reading stories and watching cartoons! I even let Hailey have breakfast on my lap and lunch next to me, on the couch, while I fed the baby!

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