Friday, November 26

puppy love!

hailey was given a cute little battery powered puppy from Korey's aunt and for the longest time she was scared of it every time we turned it one, but we had a little playdate last week and her friend loved the dog and carried it all over and hugged it and played with it, so, naturally Hailey decided that it is now her favorite toy! :)
Here she is giving it a hug!
and now she's giving it a kiss
and petting it...

I'd have to say that I'm a pretty big fan of this doggie, too, it doesn't shed, it's not dirty when she kisses it, and even if she tries to feed it her lunch it won't eat it! (plus, the best part about it is that I can turn it off when it gets annoying- I just wish I could do that with Allie) :)

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