Sunday, November 7

One good Mommy!

That's what Hailey's gonna be one day- one good Mommy!!
And, she's getting plenty of practice these days!
Here she is with her little brother- getting in some cuddles-just like a good mommy would!
and, like any good mommy, she's learning that the mobile is a
great distraction when you want to get stuff done!
like a good mommy she doesn't mind sitting on the floor and holding her baby when it cries...just like her Daddy!
like a good little mommy she puts her babies on the mat to kick around!
like a good mommy she lets her baby sit on the stool while she makes some dinner!
(and, yes, that is a dog dish and a wooden spoon- I didn't say she was gonna be a great cook-
just a good mommy!!) :)
like a good mommy she makes sure her baby wears a hat to keep her head warm
and, like any good mommy, she reads her baby plenty of stories!
hehehe...don't you just love how the hat covers almost the whole baby... ;)
I'm so proud of this little girl and how far she's come since Jackson was born and I'm so excited to see what kind of a woman she's going to become. I truly believe she's going to be a good mommy and I hope that someday I will have the incredible privilege of seeing her raise her own babies!

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