Wednesday, November 24

thanksgiving thankfulness

I'm so thankful for my sweet little baby girl! (that's not so much of a baby anymore...sad!) :(
She is such a character and she makes me giggle and smile all the time! She can't even eat lunch without being silly and I just love that about her!! She even says "wuv you" and I don't think I've ever heard any sweeter words! The best part of being Hailey's mom, though, is snuggling with her. She was never much of a snuggler- she's always been too busy- but since Jackson's been born she's been a lot more snuggly and I'm trying to soak up every minute that I can!
here she is playing with her food and pretending to eat it and then putting it back on her plate...she would then giggle and laugh really loud! I couldn't help but laugh along with her! :)
I just love Hailey and I LOVE being her Mom. I wanted a baby for a long time and finally God truly blessed my life by putting her in it! I'll be forever thankful to the sweet little princess that He blessed me with.

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