Thursday, November 18

thanksgiving thankfulness week!

Since Thanksgiving is only 1 week away, I have been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for!
I love this time of the year, because it reminds me to take a step back and think about what the past year has brought and what I'm so thankful for. It gives me a good chance to see God's goodness towards me and my family!
And, for the week until Thanksgiving, I'm going to share with you all
what I'm thankful for this year!
DAY 1:

I'm so thankful for my darling son, Jackson Ray
When I found out I was pregnant with him, my feelings definitely vascillated between thankfulness, fear, and anger! I was so thankful that I had been able to get pregnant on my own- and so quickly, too, but it definitely did not happen on my timetable. I always wanted more than one child, but I wasn't sure I really wanted them that close together and was scared and a little mad at God for giving me them so close together. It didn't get any better 9 months later when Jackson made his appearance. It through me for a loop. I didn't know what to do with two little ones...but, God definitely knew what He was doing and I'm so thankful that He was there to see me through! And, I will be forever greatful to Him for the amazing gift that He gave me in Jackson and for His amazing timing. Having two babies under the age of two is difficult and incredibly exhausting, but it has so many upsides! Both of my kids still wear diapers, so I can just change both of them at once. Since Hailey's so young, I'm still in baby mode- Jackson didn't really throw too much of a wrench in our daily routine, once we all got settled into one! Hailey's young enough to still take good 3 hour naps in the afternoon. Since Hailey wasn't old enough to really understand or know what the deal was when Jackson was born, she'll never remember the sleep deprived days of his early life, and she'll never remember how jealous she was of him. He will just always be a part of her life! As Jackson gets older he can coo and smile at his big sister, and since she's around the same age, she thinks it's fun to smile and coo back at him! All of my baby stuff was still fairly easily accessible- I didn't put it too far away, because I knew I'd need it again soon! I didn't have long enough between my two pregnancies for my clothes to go out of style (and I now own a full set of clothes for both a summer and winter pregnancy)! The best part about having my two kids close together is that my baby weight came off a lot easier this time, since I'm so busy chasing after them! :)
Thank you, Lord, for being the Father of all gifts, even gifts that I can't understand and don't necessarily want, because they often turn out to be the greatest gifts of all! Thank you, Lord, for adding more joy to my heart and my life by giving me this little baby boy. He is so precious to me, dearest Father, and I love that you loved me enough to give him to me and bless my life with him!

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